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Guidelines for Design & Development
Design Criteria
The well recognized author, Jakob Nielsen, in his book “Designing Web
Usability: The Practice of Simplicity” strongly emphasizes that an effective
web site must rapidly and meaningfully meet the needs of its users.
Simply using ideas that work well in the physical world will always create
an also-ran web site. Duplicating pages of print is a doomed strategy
because the criteria for good design are different in the two mediums,
print and the Internet. Nelson recommends using the following acronym
HOME RUN” to design, develop, operate and maintain a successful site.

    H - High Quality Content
    O - Often Updated
    M - Minimum Download / Reaction Time  (See Table Below)
    E - Ease of Use
    R - Relevant to Users’ Need
    U - Unique to the on-line medium
    N - Netcentric.
         The web site is viewed by an organization’s leadership as a strategic
to enhance its effectiveness and competitiveness.
         Activities and Information on the web site are planned, designed,
         developed, and maintained to take advantage of its capabilities while
         remaining highly sensitive to the organizational culture of its target

Users’ Impressions & Responses To Download / Reaction Times
Based on surveys & research conducted by Robert B. Miller, Jakob Nielsen et al.

Time Delay in Seconds

User Sense of

Specific Feedback
Needed to Keep Attention
User Response to
One Tenth ( 1/10)
User Deeply Focused on
Contents and Inputs
One Second (1.0)
Site is very Responsive. User arrives on new page without delay
Scans to see page contents
and features
Five Seconds (5.0)
Site is Slow. Maximum for keeping User attention.
Warnings about lengthy downloads of pictures and information
User annoyed but stays focused
if content is of high interest
 Does other tasks while waiting
for response
Greater than Ten Seconds (10.0)
Site is too slow for any use
Site Redesign
Moves to another Site